Principessa Elena Society

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“Organized by a group of Italian-American men to assist Italian families who immigrated to Saratoga Springs, the club was named after Elena, who was a beautiful Italian princess in the old country. The Principessa Elena Society was founded January 4, 1900 and the founding organizing principle was to benefit their members based on fraternity, liberty, and equality and to promote the moral and collective welfare of its members.” – “Dublin Revisted” by Lee Signor

Today, the Society along with the Women’s Auxiliary supports community activities with donations of money each year for 4 scholarships awarded to Saratoga High and Saratoga Central Catholic scholars. They also contribute to west side youth activities and prepare Friday night dinners open to the public a couple times per month.


2 thoughts on “Principessa Elena Society

  1. Hello Principessa Elena Society,

    At Saratoga Springs Public Library, we are excited to be thinking about the future, and embarking on our next round of long-range planning, and we are writing to invite you to participate. We are kicking off the process with a series of focus groups on March 16, 17, 18, 2020.

    Over the lifetime of our current plan, we have reached many significant milestones, such as being among the first libraries in the state to be Certified Sustainable by the New York Library Association, setting new records for program attendance, and undertaking an effort to revive mobile library service.

    As Saratoga Springs and our service area continue to grow and change, we want to continue to be a vital element contributing to the quality of life for our residents. We are especially interested in ensuring that our offerings are reflective of the people we serve.

    We hope that you will share your insights in a 60-75-minute focus group of community members with a stake in programs and services that reflect the racial, ethnic and religious diversity of our community, at 2:30PM on Monday, March 16, 2020. If you are able to attend, please follow this link to the library’s calendar:

    We hope you are able to attend this targeted group session; however, if you are unable, there will be an open, general session at 7:00PM on Wednesday, March 18:

    With warm regards,

    Jennifer Ogrodowski

    Head of Youth Services

    Saratoga Springs Public Library

    49 Henry Street

    Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


    1. Hello Jennifer,
      Thanks for your note. This site is not monitored frequently, we read this note on 6/2. Please contact Principessa Elena Society directly (when they re-open) at 584-4163.

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