Our Arts District’s Story

The Arts District on Beekman Street, part of Saratoga Spring’s historic west side, is a thriving and ever-changing arts and business community. A three-block mixed-use neighborhood, located a walkable four blocks west of Broadway, the Arts District supports a relaxed but vibrant community of working artists, shopkeepers, restauranteurs, health professionals and residents. The area embodies the creative spirit of Saratoga while it honors the local heritage. It serves as a meeting place where neighbors and visitors can come together to view and purchase artwork, meet artists, dine at some of the city’s best restaurants, visit specialty shops and services, or just stroll down the flower- lined street.

A multi-ethnic neighborhood, Beekman Street has always been home to families and family-run businesses. In the early 1900’s the neighborhood was settled by Irish and Italian immigrants who came to Saratoga to work in the tourism and railroad industries. Ethnic clubs and restaurants were nestled among the multi-family homes, many with 2 story porches that fostered a close-knit community. Local street festivals brought generations of families together to celebrate heritage, culture and food. Mid-century, African-Americans settled on the west side helping the hotel and entertainment industries flourish. In the early 2000’s, a grass roots effort began as local artists got together and purchased or leased affordable studio space on Beekman Street. Several artists bought buildings on the street and thoughtfully renovated them for work and living space. Restaurants and boutiques soon followed and now there is an interesting mix of small specialty shops, artist studios and ateliers, restaurants and pubs, and residences.

Beekman Street has evolved as a compelling destination. We have been thoughtful in planning for residential, artistic, business, and professional office space, including local parking and transportation for residents, artists, professionals and guests alike. As the next generation looks for eclectic neighborhoods that are pedestrian friendly and close to services, the Beekman Street Arts District offers a great place to live and work. Careful to preserve the character of the artistic and historic nature of the Beekman Street area, we have tried to nurture all facets of this close-knit, supportive community. The Arts District on Beekman Street is a local treasure in Saratoga Springs.

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