Greentree Fiber Arts

Susan Rivers of Greentree Fiber Arts practices “Quilted Alchemy” and blends textiles and technology to create one of a kind fiber art and mixed media pieces.  She enthusiastically shares her techniques and sells a wide selection of her unique products at the Cottage of Art & Design though her website and other select venues.   Greentree Fiber Art offerings include quilts, mounted fiber art, pillows, clothing, jewelry, “Topo Map Products”, “Fabric Memoirs”

Featured at the Cottage this Fall is Susan ‘s Saratoga Arts grant-funded project “Collaborating with Ghosts and Other Friends”, a multi-pronged experience that brings memories to life in tangible, creative and meaningful ways.  The project entails sharing her “Fabric Memoirs” techniques (developed  and honed after years of cultivation) through workshops, demonstrations and a mixed media show and re-imagining the artwork of dearly departed friends  artist Marilyn Ramsdale and photographer Bradford Smith.

Through “Quilted Alchemy” Susan exlores the evolution of quilting and embrace the ever advancing technology available to fiber artists.  She offers group classes  and one on one “come play with me” sessions.

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