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Categories: Ceramics & Pottery | For the Home | Jewelry | Painting | Wearables

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Marketplace Purchases: I understand this is an agreement between myself and the artist seller and that the Saratoga Springs Arts District Inc (SSADI) is hosting the marketplace but has no responsibility for any transactions. All transactions, communications and shipping arrangements are the sole responsibility of the seller and buyer. All proceeds, minus a 10% donation to SSADI, go directly to the artist. All sales are final unless other arrangements are made between artist and buyer.

Beekman Street Art Fair Vendors: By submitting my booth fee for the 2022 Beekman St Art Fair, I understand and agree that I will be in attendance at my assigned exhibit space throughout the public hours of this event. I will be solely responsible for my artwork and/or any personal property. I absolve and release the Saratoga Springs Arts District, Inc and the City of Saratoga Springs from all liability for any loss or damage that I, my employees or helpers may sustain in connection with the event. Furthermore I will defend, hold harmless and indemnify the Saratoga Springs Arts District, Inc and the City of Saratoga Springs, and their members, volunteers, shop owners and directors from any act or omission of mine which may result in bodily injury or property damage to myself and/or to others. I further agree that the Saratoga Springs Arts District, Inc may copy, distribute, and use reproductions of my images in any media for publicity. Covid-19 Waiver- Furthermore, I hereby release, waive and discharge any claims, demands, damages, expenses, losses or liabilities (including attorney fees) against the Saratoga Springs Arts District, Inc and the City of Saratoga Springs including their volunteers and employees, for any injury, illness, death or monetary loss relating in any way to COVID-19 in connection with the Beekman Street Art Fair.