Reform Pilates

“Reform Pilates is a boutique studio offering private sessions and small group classes by appointment.

The Studio is operated by Meghan Del Prete, and is home to Springs Pilates, LLC (Cindy Potoker) and Fountain Pilates, LLC (Bridget Mason).

Each instructor is classically trained and is certified through Romana’s Pilates. The studio is fully equipped with Gratz apparatus.

Joseph Pilates asked his longtime student, Romana Kryzanowska, to continue teaching his method of body conditioning after he was gone, and dictated every exercise to her exactly as he meant it to be. When Joe died in 1967 Romana helped his wife, Clara, run the studio. Romana taught for the rest of her life, traveling worldwide to maintain the integrity of Joe’s work in its original form.

As a Romana’s Pilates Certified Instructor, I am honored to be a part of this lineage and believe deeply in Joe’s work in its true form because I have seen the amazing results it can have. Each of the instructors at Reform share this passion for Joe’s original work and enjoy talking shop and learning together as lifetime students of Pilates.”