The Cottage of Art & Design (the Cottage) at 73 Beekman is a collective gallery that showcases the work of six local creatives and features jewelry, fiber art, pottery, art quilts, tiles, mosaics and paintings. The “Cottagers” are Amejo Amyot, creator of spiritually motivated clay work and paintings; Meg Dalton, maker of exquisitely detailed art quilts and wearables; Meryl Davis of Black Bird designs, designer and crafter of vibrant enamel jewelry and mosaics; Nancy Niefeld of Two Spruce Pottery, accomplished creator of finely crafted sculpture and pottery; Susan Rivers of Greentree Fiber Arts, practitioner of Quilted Alchemy blending technology and tradition; and Don Shore of Lesperance Tiles, maker of artisanal tilework for installations and stand-alone art pieces.

Cottage of Art & Design
73 Beekman Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Instagram: thecottage73beekman
Facebook: CottageArtDesign