Abstract Coneflower I – Wall Quilt

by Meg Dalton


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This wall quilt measures 13″ wide x 18″ high. It was created using raw-edge applique. Upon completion of the picture, I then layered it onto batting, fabric stabilizer and a backing fabric. I then quilted the piece and added a hanging sleeve to the back.

Meg Dalton

Artist Bio

Meg Dalton Art in the Park BoothMy name is Meg Dalton and I am a fiber artist.  I started quilting about 5 years ago and have exhibited at several venues locally.  I enjoy photography and gardening and combine the 2 to create wall quilts of both botanical, landscape and abstract pieces.  More recently I started creating wall quilts of pets for many of my clients.  They have proven to be quite popular and make a unique and special gift.

Artist Statement

I have always enjoyed sewing and became interested in quilting after reading a series of novels about quilters. After taking a few basic lessons at a local shop, I was hooked.  Quilting awoke in me a creative side that I never knew existed.  I began reading everything I could on the subject and watched countless videos on You Tube.  I started with traditional bed quilts and began to experiment with different styles and techniques and eventually transitioned to art quilting. 

I have been a gardener for quite a few years and enjoy taking photos of my garden.   Combining these two interests, I decided to use my photos as inspiration for botanical wall quilts.  When some of my initial quilts lacked the depth I was seeking, I tried adding more detail and shading using acrylic paint.  It seemed to give my wall quilts another dimension.

I also enjoy making wall quilts depicting landscapes or cityscapes. My travel photos provide design ideas for many of these quilts.  It seems to me the possibilities are endless.