Small Birches

Small Birches

Artist: Eva Marie Loucks

Intensely colorful Adirondack Birch trees, not framed
10″h x 10″w x 0.75″d

Shipping to be determined by zip code, can be dropped off if local to Saratoga Springs region

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About the Artist


Eva Marie Loucks is an artist who lives and works in Saratoga County. She has worked for the past 30 years as a graphic designer, and a small business artist. Loucks’ artwork has been on display at various public venues and has participated in many juried shows.

Originally intrigued by architectural design, Loucks turned to printmaking, advertising and graphic design with a degree from The College of St. Rose. As an independent business professional, she has experience in all aspects of the art industry.

The Saratoga area and traveling are a big part of Eva’s life. Her art captures the fast-paced action and splendor of Saratoga. Many of her inspirations come from her travels throughout the US, Australia, Canada, and Europe. Originally working in serigraphy and transitioning into acrylic and watercolor. Eva Marie thrives on being creative and her love of nature comes through in her artwork. Her ambition is to surround the viewer with bright, vibrant, beautiful images in which the viewer can meditate, reflect, enjoy, and share in her experiences of the world around her.

She works as a substitute teacher, especially enjoying helping student in the arts. She worked as an art instructor at the Malta Community Center, Malta, NY. Teaching a range of students various techniques in watercolor and acrylic. She is the author of Medjugorje, a Personal Journey in Photography and Illustration, a compilation of pastel, watercolor, acrylic and pencil drawing and messages of Our Lady, Queen of Peace. A member of Saratoga Arts, Southern Saratoga Artists Society.

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Artist Statement


I am continually being inspired by the world around me, I enjoy infusing and interpreting images with feeling and emotion. I love exploring vibrant intense use of color. I work finding the right mediums, thick textures and use of color – vibrant and intensity for the desired effect. The acrylic painting process is very gratifying.

This series of paintings is based on a poem, “The Canticle of Brother Sun” by St. Francis of Assisi. The poem pays homage to the glories of creation. My ambition is to surround the viewer with bright, vibrant, beautiful images in which they can meditate, reflect, enjoy, and share in my journey and experiences of nature through light, color and movement.

Through this series of paintings, I wanted to express simplicity and serenity. Inspiration is key throughout the creative process as well as hard work and discipline; taking raw materials of canvas and paint and making them into an amazing new ensemble.

I was inspired by the poem and also this quote, “Men are like trees; each one must put forth the leaf that is created in him” Henry Ward Beecher.

Again, I want others to see, appreciate, and be sensitive to the beauty around us, and I believe I have accomplished it in this series of paintings.