Serving Tray with Leather Handles

Serving Tray with Leather Handles

Artist: Hester Thomas

Handcrafted serving tray with leather handles and Queen Anne’s Lace imprint. Perfect for entertaining! Food safe, do not use in microwave as it has metal rivets.
Size: 11″ x 7.5″ x 1.5″

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About the Artist


From an early age I had an interest in creating art. I hadn’t touched clay until I took a ceramics class in community college and from that moment I was instantly hooked, I loved the way I could manipulate the clay into whatever I wanted to. I then transferred to SUNY New Paltz where my passion for clay blossomed, and went on to receive my BFA in Ceramics. The love for clay continued after graduation where I completed a residency at Watershed Center for the Ceramics Arts in Newcastle, Maine.

I went on to work as an artist’s assistant for a Hudson Valley potter. He became a mentor where I learned vast amounts of information on how to run a business and knowledge of the craft. This experience inspired me to pursue being a ceramic artist. I now create my work at my home studio in the Shawangunk Mountains.

Artist Statement


Hester’s Studio creates handcrafted ceramics for the home, garden, and unique wearables. Nature that surrounds the studio in the Hudson Valley has heavily influenced the work. Hester draws inspiration from elements of daily life; landscapes, textiles, foliage, flowers and food. Hester strives to create simple pieces for everyday use with the desire to express the beauty with utility. Each piece is hand built with slab construction, using a strong white stoneware clay. Some pieces incorporate different elements such as leather and wood. Much attention is given to the layering of textures, creating asymmetrical compositions. Because everything is made by hand, no two pieces are exactly alike, each piece’s imperfections are celebrated and this is what truly makes them one of a kind.