Ritual necklace

by Rhea Love Doran


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Hand built porcelain bead, hand-made precious metal silver spool, Italian flameworked glass, adjustable 20-inch drop. Fine Silver rolo chain, semi-precious stones, bali silver, olive jade and chalcedony

Rhea Love Doran

Artist Bio

Rhea Love DoranI have no art-school pedigree.  I worked in Special Ed. and Ed. Psych for 31 years.  I truly learned to be an artist when I opened a preschool in my forties.  A color-wheel?  Forget about it.  Self-judgement?  Absent.  Abilities abound with up-to-your-elbows abandonment.  Four-year olds taught me how to stop controlling chaos and, instead, just play. 

Artist Statement

Much of what women create is not tangible.  At the end of the day the food is eaten, the house untidied again, and the laundry, well…….

I love births, process and discovery, and so I continue to create in my head, at the wheel and at my torch.  Working with the transformative power of fire has taught me many lessons.  My journey with fire began in my twenties while metalsmithing, then in my thirties there came pottery and by my forties lampworking glass.  Each of these art forms involve the five elements.  The fire I work with transforms dirt and sand and clay, minerals and metal, including precious metal clay.  The process for each is all very unpredictable and sometimes out of my control.  My pieces are what remain…..through the fire.

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