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16 by 20
Original oil on canvas I framed

Selma Nemer Fine Art

About Selma

Selma’s background includes being chef/owner of Eartha’s Kitchen in Saratoga Springs, NY (1985-1990) and current owner of One Roof Holistic Health Center in Saratoga Springs, NY (2004-Present). She is also author of several books including “The Beheaded Goddess” (2012) and “Guardians of the Treasure” with Gabrielle Nemer (2015). She is a clinical psychologist who believes in the creative nurturing life force. Painting has been her refuge.

Artist Statement

The paintings of Selma Nemer are centered on the interplay of movement, color, light and fluidity. They suggest timeless moments in Mediterranean landscapes, seascapes and portraiture. Selma’s work is influenced by modern impressionism and the soft light of France.

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