Green and Gold Hamsah

Green and Gold Hamsah

Artist: Shawn Banner

Mixed Media Assemblage of wood, hand-made paper, metallic paint, ceramic–multi-layered piece within hand-painted shadow box frame. Can be wall mounted or presented free-standing.
Size: 10″ x 10″

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About the Artist


Shawn Banner began his art career working in Fashion Illustration, drawing for a variety of clients including Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Vogue and more. From that beginning, his range of topics and clients expanded to encompass a much wider spectrum of interests. Throughout his career as both an illustrator and an arts educator, Mr. Banner as always sought out the beauty, elegance, romance, and hint of whimsy that gives meaning to life’s experiences. Additionally, his work suggests a narrative element, reflecting his interests in book illustration and story-telling. Locally he is perhaps best known for his Dance Illustrations, a permanent exhibit of which is currently on display at the National Museum of Dance, Dance Studios, in Saratoga Springs, NY.

In addition to his illustration work, Mr. Banner has always enjoyed exploring the art space that hovers between fine and craft art, working in a variety of media including fiber, ceramics, jewelry, paper making and more. Most recently, he has been working with collage and assemblage, using a variety of media to create the pieces exhibited here.

Mr. Banner has a BA in Art History from Oberlin College, a BFA in illustration from Fashion Institute of Technology, and a MS in Education from the Sage Colleges. His work has been exhibited both locally and nationally, including exhibits at the Society of Illustrators in NYC, the Opalka Gallery, Sage Colleges, Albany NY, FIT Galleries, NYC, Saratoga Arts, the National Museum of Dance, Saratoga Public Library and Uncommon Grounds in Saratoga Springs His work has been published in a variety of media venues, from advertising and editorial campaigns to text-book and children’s trade book publications.

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Artist Statement


The Assemblages:

These assemblages are my newest artistic effort. They reflect my personal interest in symbolic imagery, particularly symbols that cross cultural boundaries, such as the hamsah and the dove, The work also reflects my fondness for hand crafted and organic materials such as paper, fiber and ceramic, as well as my love of mixing textures, layering, hidden spaces, windows, and mystery. These pieces are particularly special to me because they incorporate the ceramic work of my late father Gilbert Banner, who worked locally as a ceramic artist/jewelry maker. When he passed, He left behind a collection of ceramic jewels, which sat in storage for years…Excavating and using these pieces in my constructions connects me to him, an artistic conversation if you will, while also giving me the opportunity to continue sharing his work with new audiences as well as those who remember him fondly.

About the Fashion Illustration:

A professional illustrator answers to many directors, and that is particularly true in the retail fashion industry. There are the art directors, ad designers, clothing designers and buyers—each of them with an opinion about the image the artist has created. That give and take is integral to the process of fashion illustration. A good fashion illustration reflects the vision of the designer as well as the artist. Ideally, though serving a commercial need, it rises to the level of art in its own right.

I have always had a love for fashion and fashion art. The elegance of line, the elegance of spirit—these qualities inspire all my work, not just my fashion work—but it is in the rarefied realms of fashion and dance that I most easily find this quality, and it is in my drawings for those fields that I most graciously reflect it.