Dance to Entice Springtime Pillow

by Susan Rivers


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18” x 18” Pillow. Fabric for pillow is custom made using original artwork by Susan Rivers. The image depicts the night of Imbolc, February 2, also known as Ground Hog’s Day, the halfway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. The night sky is filled with Lupus the Hare, Orion the Hunter and Canis Major the Big Dog. Original piece, now in private collection incorporated techniques including silk fusion, piecework, applique, hand dye and embossed velvet. Bunnies from fabric by Northcott. 100% cotton pillow case, polyester insert.

Susan Rivers

Artist Bio

Susan Rivers, a self-professed “Fiber Alchemist”, has been experimenting with fabric all her life and has been selling her products under the name Greentree Fiber Arts (nee Greentree Quilts) for over 30 years.  Her work is grounded in tradition while avidly embracing evolving technologies manifesting in her unique style of fiber art.   Susan’s work has been sold through galleries, museum stores, retail  and online venues.

Susan finds working with fibers magical and her many years of playing  and exploring have culminated in “Quilted Alchemy” a mix of folk art, technology, and personal expression.  Through exhibits, presentations and classes she explores and teaches about the evolution of quilts from functional item to art form while embracing the ever-advancing technology available to fiber artists.   A central theme of Quilted Alchemy is celebrating the transformations that take place in the creation of a piece of art. 

Susan enthusiastically teaches techniques she had developed and honed over the years and invites you to conjure up something new and exciting of your own through group classes in the “Evolution of Quilting”, one on one “Come Play With Me” sessions and pop-up “Quilted Alchemy Magic Shows”. 

Currently Susan is doing one on one “Come Play with Me” sessions from her Saratoga Springs studio.

Artist Statement      

Creating with fabric is much more then cutting up material and sewing it back together.  It is a personal expression that can convey a celebration of joy, be a catharsis for dealing with loss or be meditative with purpose and peace in every stitch.  

Since my early days of beloved blankies and swatches brought home to me by my Grandfather who worked in the NYC Garment District, fabric has always held magic for me. 

Each of my pieces has it’s own particular blend of  ‘Quilted Alchemy’ and it is my hope to create items that speak to the recipient and inspires others to create some magic of their own.

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