Artist: Sharon Crute

Oil on panel framed painting.
Size: 11″ x 14″

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About the Artist


With a wealth of industry experience in horse racing, Sharon possesses a deep-rooted respect fro the equine athlete and attempts to reflect that feeling in her artwork. The focus of her painting is to capture the milieu of the racing lifestyle and to convey the exhilarating speed and danger inherent in the sport. She endeavors to express the subltle with an undercurrent of volatility resulting from intimate knowledge of the anguish and exhilaration experienced by those who love horse racing

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Artist Statement


The universal appeal of horses as beautiful and graceful creatures also contains an element of danger by way of their sheer size, speed and athleticism. This seemingly complex contradiction of their character is what I choose to communicate through my artwork. I am inspired to paint this duality of a horse’s nature.