Classic Vase

by Michelle O'Hare


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Stoneware Clay, Handbuilt Vase, Woodfired
14” Tall, 7” wide at fullest part
Wood Ash Glazed naturally in firing process
One of a kind

Michelle O'Hare

Artist Bio

Michelle O’Hare has been working in the Ceramic Arts since 2015. She previously worked with clay when studying various art forms in high school. 30 some years later, she picked up clay again and rekindled her love for working with clay. Mainly hand building her sculptural forms and vessels, she uses the firing process of Woodfiring to finish her work. The colors achieved in Woodfiring fit well with Michelle’s work which reflect Nature and forms with organic shapes.

Artist Statement

Working close to Nature when I hand build my ceramic art is inspiring and pleasing. I catch glimpses of sunlight through tree branches and listen to the birds and insects foraging around in the greenery. The curves and shapes of flowers and leaves are so beautiful and inspire all of my work. And the sweet chirping of little birds help bring my sculptures to life. By Woodfiring my work, the surfaces achieve a natural landscape quality with depth and changing scenery depending on your view.

From my hands and heart to your home to enjoy!

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