Check Tea Towel: Green/White/Navy

by Julia Lines


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This tea towel is woven in stripes of green and white wefts on a striped navy and white warp,
creating a large check pattern.
With a soft, cushy feel, these tea towels make a lovely gift, especially for housewarmings, hosts,
and weddings. Use them in the kitchen or the bathroom: the durable structure holds up well to
frequent use and washing.
28 x 17 in / 71 x 43 cm
100% American cotton / Machine wash / Tumble dry

Julia Lines

Artist Bio/Statement

Julia Lines has been a weaver for 15 years and has worked extensively with textiles in the fashion, craft, and fine art worlds. Machine in Hand merges her experiences in these worlds through her own small scale one of a kind handwoven production using American yarns. Weaving is a physical collaboration between the weaver and the loom: they both need each other to create cloth. Machine in Hand’s textiles are woven to represent the actual time taken to weave cloth; highlighting labor and showing the difference between weaver-made and industrial powerloom cloth. This act of production hopes to keep buyers curious about who makes our clothes, who farms our fiber, and how interconnected these systems are.

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