Barn Series Pendulum Clock

Barn Series Pendulum Clock

Artist: Leonie Lacouette

This one-of-a-kind clock is made of weathered barn wood with hand-patinated copper. The rectangular face ‘floats’ in front of the wooden background, and the circular pendulum swings below in front of the wood.
Size: 33″ x 14″ x 3″
Quartz clock movement, 2 AA batteries included

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About the Artist


Leonie Lcouette started making clocks more than three decades ago when she needed a clock for her studio. On a lark, she made one for herself and four more for a show. They sold immediately, and she’s been making clocks ever since. Her work is currently exhibited in more than 100 American galleries and also sold internationally. Her motto: “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

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Artist Statement


My work is created from a palette of basic shapes in combinations that are not only beautiful, but playful as well. Materials include hand-painted, stained, and natural woods. I also use special patinas to give my hand-colored copper and other metals a warm, painterly feel. Basically, I’m a Manhattan girl transplanted to the countryside of Upstate New York. My work reflects that, blending stark, minimalist geometry and comfortable, approachable beauty.